Assorted Trinkets

Call this category a mishmash, a jumble, a little bag of curiosities. The first trinket out of the bag is an open letter to an over-caffeinated cable news personality who is obsessed by what what he continually insists is the correct pronunciation of a former vice-presidents surname. (No kidding!) Next comes a speculative mini-essay on past tenses that are being replaced by past participles — for instance sung for sang and sunk for sank. Vice versa, past participles are taking the place of past tenses, with “I should have went” voiced as often as the correct “I should have gone.”

For now, the only other items are weird place names – a New England lake with a mile-long name, a Mojave Desert town named by a goofball intent on it being the last town listed in the California road atlases; a Canadian hamlet that added an exclamation point to its name; and the mystery of why folks in five states decided to call their burgs Bugtussle.