CLICHÉD, Not Cliché

We hear it time after time from family, friends, and most of the speakers whose voices waft out over the airwaves:

  • “I didn’t take that tack in the argument because it is so darned cliché.
  • “The way the essay was written was far too cliché for my taste.”

But guess what? This noun properly gets verbed when used as an adjective: clichéd. From Merriam-Webster:

Clichéd  1) marked by or abounding in clichés; 2) hackneyed

In a day when nouns are verbalized right and left (e.g. He gifted her; Primary that hack!; I sandwiched today; She Marilyn Monroed herself for the prom), it’s rather baffling that a noun begging for a verb-to-adjective form stubbornly hangs onto its nounhood in common usage. Yet all it takes to get it right is the addition of a teensy-weensy d.

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