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Creativity knows no bounds in the Omnificent English Dictionary in Limerick Form ( This highly original (and ongoing) compilation, known by its growing fan base as OEDILF, is a really a “limerictionary” whose originators’ goal is for contributors to “write at least one limerick for each and every word in the English language.” Seasoned and greenhorn limericists alike tackle the alphabet piece by piece – at present, words beginning with an- through en-. The current estimated date of the dictionary’s completion? March 5, 2039.

OEDILF member Len Farano delivered the following tribute to curglaff in April 2010. (Note: Curglaff  – the shock felt when entering cold water – rates its own post in RIBF: Chilling Curglaff, in the Esoterica category.)

                I admire those Polar Bear nuts
                Who endure shocking cold – that takes guts.
                That curglaff they feel
                Makes them jump out and squeal
                As they rush to wrap blankets ’round butts.

Get the idea? Contributors from all corners of the world transmit their five-liners to OEDILF. Keeping things lively is a limerick-writing competition that grew so popular it tripled from two yearly contests to six.

Two sentences from the Standards & Guidelines page of the Omnificent English Dictionary in Limerick Form sum up the site’s philosophy, and pointedly: “The primary purpose of the OEDILF Project, simply put, is to have fun … It is an expression of passion for the English language, with each limerick representing a love letter addressed to a single word. Individuals not sharing this passion for English or love of limericks should probably go elsewhere for their fun.”

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