This menu is the place for posts/mini-essays/blogs that don’t quite fit on the other three RIBF Post-Its. Top billing in the first category – Assorted Trinkets – goes to some unsolicited (and decidedly tongue-in-cheek) advice for the TV talkster Chris Matthews. Next up is a bewailing of the dwindling-away of past participles, particularly those ending in -ang and -ank. And thrown in just for laughs are a few weird place names.*

The Websites for Wordies category includes only a tiny fraction of the worthwhile sites awaiting you in cyberspace – but who knew of a site created by folks whose mission is to write a limerick based on every word in the English language? Then there’s Spellcheck. Before spelling was standardized, Shakespeare and his peers could spell the same word pretty much as they saw fit. Today you could too, but you do so at your peril when a misspelling really matters – e.g., in a job application letter,  a term paper, or a thank-you note to your  retired English-teacher aunt.

*For more weird place names, see the Bawdies category in the WTF? menu.