Little Lessons

A way with words just may be that “certain something” new friends or acquaintances find appealing about you. It could also save you from embarrassing yourself when you can least afford to. (Who knows whether the person who was vying for your dream job edged you out because he or she had a broader, more finely-tuned vocabulary?)

I’m no teacher of English composition, but I’ve been the beneficiary of some excellent instructors, from high school teachers to college professors to fellow wordsmiths in the workplace. So allow me to impart a few short lessons that may benefit you as well. The syllabus starts with mini-essays on  five topics: vocabulary, vogue words (more often called buzzwords these days), euphemismswordiness, and precision (choosing the word that best expresses what you mean.) Following are posts on the difference between acronyms and initialisms, bad vs. badly, and more.