Services + Rates

No matter what you write, you’re always welcome to run it by Fred. A letter to the Home Owner’s Association. A book report for your American History prof. An explanation of your selection of the controversial Zealot as the next good read for your book club. Heck, even a yet-to-be-printed menu, on the off chance you and your spouse are about to open an eatery (it happens). All are different, and we will ensure that these and writings of any other type are letter perfect.


Following are the basic services we offer, each of which I’ll be happy expound on in our initial discussion.

Book Development and Production These full-service jobs apply to print books large and small, whether they’re commissioned by corporate clients or an individual. In any event, we’ll get your book on the market or into your home, consulting with you as often as you see fit. A point-by-point account of how we tackle the editorial phase, production, printing, and shipping of books is available on request.

E-Book Design and Production The content of print books and e-books is virtually the same, but designing and formatting a digital book is a very different kettle of fish. Once you send us a manuscript, we’ll take the entire editorial process off your hands, involving you in the process as you like.

Book Creation Consulting Creating books from the ground up has long been my specialty, and I’m ready to explain everything from what the book development process entails to securing ISBN numbers – all for a reasonable fee.

Ghostwriting We have plenty of experience in mapping out and ghostwriting nonfiction books, and we’ll discuss with you the nature of the work, deadline(s) for completing the manuscript, and the fee, be it based on an hourly rate or the word count.

Indexing Compiling a properly formatted, user-friendly index is no small task, and RIBF is up to it.

Proofreading  Our most elementary service is a straightforward, careful  proofread – the catching and correcting of typos, misspellings, and errors in punctuation and grammar. Though more time-consuming editing and rewriting jobs include sending revised submissions to customers for review, we consult “proofread only” customers only if we come across dropped words, missing text, unintelligible sentences, and the like.

Copyediting +  Proofreading automatically comes with this task, which goes a step beyond standard copy editing. We will not only ensure that sentence structure is grammatically sound but that the meaning of each sentence is crystal-clear; will smooth the transition from one subject to another; will spot and correct any inconsistencies; and will fact-check dates and anything else that might raise a question.

Rewriting  This service is for those whose work needs an all-out overhaul –  among other things, the rearrangement of information into a more accessible whole; a stronger lead, or start; the plugging of narrative holes; a helpful sum-up at the end; and whatever else it takes to make your writing not only presentable but eminently readable.


Cents-per-word of the total wordage of your submission is the basis of our competitive charges for proofreading, copyediting, and rewriting. The more time you allow for turnaround (24 hours, 28 hours, 72 hours, or a full week or longer), the lower the rate goes. Do we have a minimum charge? Yes: 25 bucks – which, depending on turnaround time, will buy you 520 to 625 expertly proofread words; 520 to 625 proofread and copyedited words; and rewritten passages of 315 to 385 words. Charges for other services we provide naturally depend on the extent and particulars of the job.

What We Charge

Service  24 Hours  48 Hours 72 Hours  One Week +
Proofreading  3.75¢  3.5¢  3.25¢  3¢
Proofreading/Copyediting +  4.75¢  4.5¢  4.25¢  4¢
Rewriting  8¢  7.5¢  7¢ 6.5¢
Book Development/Custom Publishing  TBD
E-Book Design and Production  TBD
Book Creation Consulting  TBD
Ghostwriting TBD
Indexing  TBD