We are book packagers and publication designers, and our paths have crossed with Fred’s on numerous book or magazine projects. He is a dream to work with because he understands how to write and edit in collaboration with visual content. It is a rare skill. Fred handles the combination of words and images brilliantly, allowing the written word to come alive.

Mary K. Baumann and Will Hopkins
Partners, Hopkins Baumann
Creative Directors, American Craft magazine
Art Directors, Kids Discover magazine
Authors, What’s Out There: Images from Here to the Edge of the Universe

I came across Run It By Fred when looking for a proofreader for my poetry book, The Beauty of Listening. How fortunate I was! I could not have found anyone more talented or fitting for the project than Fred DuBose. When I had difficult questions, Fred was a careful listener and thoughtful advisor. And his depth of knowledge and poetic sensibility quickly became apparent. Working with Fred was an absolute pleasure, and I’m thrilled with the results. I highly recommend his services and look forward to working with him again.

Linda Eve Diamond, author of educational, business, self-help and poetry books

Working to build this website with Fred took me back to high school. It felt like I was working for my English teacher, but my English teacher was never this nice.

Harry Candelario, Charlotte NC

I no longer send business letters out without Fred’s kind and friendly editing. It’s often just a confusing sentence here or a misused semicolon there, but it makes all the difference. And if there are larger issues of structure or style, you realize that Fred knows just what to do. Whatever the edits, he knows how to help in ways that leave you feeling more comfortable about your writing.

Richard Bailey, Atlanta GA

Fred’s editorial assets very rarely coexist in one person. He is not only an exceptionally gifted writer but also has the editorial skills of an experienced line editor and the grammatical authority of a copy desk chief. Needless to say, my advice is to “run it by Fred.”

— Peter Tomassi, Senior Vice President, Marketing, redbubble,com

I have worked as a producer and writer of plays for most of my life, but somewhere deep inside was a story only a novel could do justice to. I finally wrote it, and then Fred DuBose dropped out of cyberspace. In the course of our first chat I knew early on that I was in the hands of a master of his craft. They say the magic is in the rewriting, and Fred’s guidance has made what seemed an impossible challenge not only possible but exciting and fun.

— Robert Callely, New York, NY

It’s rare to find an editor proficient at both editing and writing, but Fred DuBose is just that. I’ve been in a jam many times as a working writer, and Fred has never failed to come up with the right construction, word or reference, and often under deadline.

If he is a prince among editors and writers, Fred is also witty when levity is called for – and these days in book publishing and journalism, you need all the light-heartedness you can get. Perhaps this is what keeps him consistently cool in a crunch.

Marsha McCreadie, author of Documentary Superstars: How They are Reinventing the Form and Women Screenwriters Today: Their Lives and Words; film reviewer for The Village Voice and rogerebert.com