Bookstuff By Fred

My entry into the book business is briefly covered in About Us. Here, in Bookstuff By Fred, you’ll find bits and pieces of the fruit of my labors. Some of the selected writings run from start to finish, while those from Eating to Win, The Total Tomato, and Recipes from the Olde Pink House are subheaded portions of much longer pieces. Also included is a Kids Discover magazine devoted to the Great Wall of China, a 2008 issue I conceived, researched, and wrote.*

All of the excerpts stand as examples of my work and also reflect my specialties – 1) creating books from scratch (all but Eating to Win, America’s Forgotten History, and China’s Great Wall) and 2) reshaping, or doctoring, books. So, if you’re hard at work on a print or digital book you think could use a little (or lots) of tweaking, RIBF will make sure it’s the best it can be

• Find two more examples of my writing in A Famous Author’s Fall.