Some word positionings or manipulations or misuse defy explanation, and for the most part are so baffling that only the most dedicated word-and-phrase detectives can figure out how they sneaked into everyday speech or prose. Even more puzzling than the origin of such trends is the why. Other WTF inspirers include print or on-air misgauges that drop one’s jaw to one level or another, off-color place names. and odd words that are long forgotten.

The first case study in the Mystifiers category is the current shunning of the words death and dying, followed by the even more inexplicable addition of an it to a sentence that neither wants nor needs it. Fails has fun with bloopers wrought by major publications or top broadcast journalists, while Bawdies currently consists of two posts on the F-Word plus a few naughty place names. Archaic words are examined in Esoterica, though one post covers the recent coinage of a word to describe sightings of random effigies – most famously, Jesus in a burnt tortilla or the Virgin Mary on a hot-cross bun.